Monday, February 17, 2020

Rooms Devision Operations Management Assignment - 1

Rooms Devision Operations Management - Assignment Example Front office is the departments found in an office that have direct and first contact with the customers. The department is sub divided into various segments. They include the marketing department, the sales department, service department that we as well have the receptionists. It is very important to highlight that the front office is therefore the department that welcomes and receives the guests and visitors to the accommodation or rather hospitality facility. The staff shows their warm and good reception by meeting the guests, greeting them, and discussing with them in depth about the reservation arrangements. The check in systems as well as the check outs is as well factors that the department conducts as they get into the rooms and as they leave the rooms. The staff there again ensures the provision of the key to the guests and ensures that proper security is accorded to the guests, the department as well has accounting and communication department that passes information and se ttles accounts (Sue 2001). The front office offers very crucial services that are considered to be very crucial to the customers and the actions that are done have massive consequences to the accommodation facility. ... This department issues the keys to the guests and takes them top the various rooms that they have allocated to them (Michael 2010). Communication The front office department has the messengers and the communication facilities that facilitate the easier passing of information among the employees and the guests. Information among the staff could be on the consultation of the availability of the bed space and any other service needed that would be for the satisfaction of the customers taste and for their well being. The guests can as well use the communication department in making advance reservations and making of other service orders while they are in the premises (Sue 2001). Security It is important to note that the font office has the security department. The security department is concerned on the safety and security of the guests, the property of the guests, the staff employed by the accommodation or hotel organization and also the facilities that belong to the organization. Secur ity is another crucial factor that is quite sensitive and should always be put into consideration by the management of any hospitality firm (Ahmed 2012). Sales and Marketing It is very normal that any institution that is business oriented has its main target as making profit. For a business to make profit there must be proper sales and marketing done. This is therefore the reason for the creation of the sales and marketing department. The sales and marketing service that the accommodation organization does is based on various factors. The quality of the service that is offered by the organization is a very crucial factor that markets an organization. Sales and marketing service as well can

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