Monday, February 3, 2020

Cyber search Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Cyber search - Research Paper Example As extra letters are added to the list, the sequence is updated to reduce the words that have been entered. When the required word shows on the screen, the learner simply selects the word or letter to insert into the text written (Mueller, 1992). Whether through enhanced accountability or more determining support, the major goal of a teacher is to make continuous improvement in learning and teaching. To achieve this objective, a teacher reflection system should be designed and practiced with teacher learning and growth at his or her core, as opposed to being appended afterwards as an addition. Professional development is often linked to â€Å"results† of the reflection rather than recognized as an essential part of the reflection itself. Thus, reflection generates greater teaching effectiveness (Harris, Bruster, & Peterson, 2010). According to Naef, 2008, the learning environment should be more welcoming if the learners, staff and the faculty are assisted to improve their attitudes towards disabled individuals. This can be done using new information that may result in cognitive dissonance, which gives the chance for change in behavior. Through offering information regarding these individuals, training programs improve attitudes in several services such as in cafeterias, sports, and rehabilitation. Another important step is interpersonal relations with the disabled learners to create positive attitudes. The learning institutions should work together with the Local Special Education Advisory institutions to develop a culture of mutual respect, equal opportunities, and understanding for all learners, inclusive of the disabled (Scot & Lawson, 2002). For instance, a disability awareness head at each school should arrange special events to spread awareness and make out the achievements and differences of all learners throughout history and in the community in particular, so that each learner is appreciated as a useful member. Naef, k. (2008). Yong Adult

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