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A Journal Of Counseling Psychology - 1252 Words

During the last ten years, the number of Chinese students who study abroad has increased. They want more opportunities to improve their academic ability and self-care ability, so that they widen their knowledge and enrich their experiences. Proudly, there are indeed many exciting and enjoyable aspects for them to being international students. But the same challenges and changes that make student days potentially so life enhancing can also present opportunities for depression to intrude. Depression is the most common issue for which university counselors are consulted by students. According to Acculturative Stress, Perfectionism, Years in the United States, and Depression among Chinese International Students.† a journal of Counseling Psychology and edited by Wei, et al: Depression is often listed as one of the top presenting concerns among international students who seek help from university counseling centers. For this population, one of the vulnerability factors related to depression is acculturative stress. In general, acculturative stress is defined as a stress reaction in response to life events that are rooted in the experiences of acculturation, or psychosocial stressors resulting from unfamiliarity with new customs and social norms. For Chinese international students, the sources of acculturative stress often include academic pressures, economic stress, language difficulties, feelings of inferiority, and difficulties in adjusting to new food or cultural values, lackShow MoreRelatedPositive Body Image Group Essay1234 Words   |  5 Pagesincorpor ated along with other techniques and interventions within a group setting. Works Cited Acitelli, L. K. (1992). Gender differences in relationship awareness and marital satisfaction among young married couples. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 18, 102-110. doi: 10.1177/0146167292181015 Amato, P., Bradshaw, R. (1985). An exploratory study of peoples reasons for delaying or avoiding help seeking. Australian Psychologist , 20, 21-31. doi:10.1080/0005005082557 Ansara, D.Read MoreUsing A Group Counseling Scale And Related Model For The Articles1049 Words   |  5 Pagesto me that is one of the classification when looking at categorizing the research; therefore each of this articles would qualify as qualitative. Improving the Use of a Group Counseling Scale and Related Model To Teach Theory and Skills Integration: Zimmick, Smaby and Maddux (2000); study tested the Skilled Group Counseling Training Model (SGCTM). Results uncover that understudies in a gathering advising class who were prepared in the model utilized no less than 80% of the SGCTM abilities amid threeRead MoreJournal Articles Summary: Group Psychotherapy1118 Words   |  4 PagesRunning Head: JOURNAL ARTICLES SUMMARY Journal Articles Summary: Group Psychotherapy Self-disclosure in Psychotherapy Supervisors: Gender Differences This journal article discusses the issue of self-disclosure in psychotherapy, which is greatly affected by the gender differences. The relationship between the supervisors and the trainees is very much dependent upon the relation of the two. Sometimes they become so familiar with each other that they get involve in sexual relationships, which isRead MoreThe Cultural Considerations Involved With Counseling The Lgbt Community1020 Words   |  5 Pages Counseling the LGBT Community Yvette Morales University of the Incarnate Word August 2014 Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore various considerations when counseling members of the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender community (LGBT). When counseling LGBT members, the psychology professional must be aware of various factors that may influence effective treatment. For instance, the historical treatment of the LGBT community by the mental health profession is importantRead MorePrayer in Counseling1044 Words   |  5 PagesChristian Clients’ Preferences Regarding Prayer as a Counseling Intervention Journal Article Review Liberty University April 19, 2012 Summary In Eriksen and Weld’s journal article, the writers contend that spirituality and prayer is being utilized more and more by mental health practitioners and counselors. The concept of prayer within the counseling session is something that was considered for a long time but the actual use of spirituality practices is more frequently being used todayRead MoreInternet Forum and Discussion Board Forums1224 Words   |  5 PagesCourse Syllabus COUN 506 Integration of Psychology and Theology Course Description Students critically examine the implications of a Christian worldview for counseling and marriage and family practice. Ethical issues relevant to the use of spiritual and religious interventions with individuals, couples, families are considered, along with current research related to spirituality and counseling. Rationale Integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality provides students anRead MoreThe Macrosystem: From Child to Adult Essay1384 Words   |  6 Pagesmental health counseling. The foundational areas are the development across the lifespan, ecological theory, mental health, and mental health promotion. These together form a unique base from which mental health and community counselors practice. This is referred to as,† The comprehensive mental health counseling model, a comprehensive model.† The model places the dimensions of mental illness and mental health/wellness with and ecological context. Mental health and community counseling assess for personalRead MoreInfidelity and Confidentiality: A Dilema for Therapists Essays1399 Words   |  6 Pages Counseling couples who are attempting to overcome the betrayal of infidelity together pose a unique challenge to most therapists. In addition, a couple where one spouse admits to an affair to the therapist without their spouse’s knowledge can be equally distressing to said counselor. What are the ethical concerns regarding this scenario? In one case we are keeping our client’s confidences, building trust and following all ethical codes of confidentiality. In another case, weRead MoreHistory and Theory Essay973 Words   |  4 PagesHistory and Theory The viewpoints if Sigmund Freud and Carl Rogers have similarities and differences. Both have made significant contribution to the psychology field. The theories from Freud and Rogers are still used in modern psychology. Freud is best known for creating psychoanalysis and Rogers is renowned for developing the person-centered therapy. The subject of this paper pertains to Freud’s and Rogers’ views of their respective theories, how different their theories would beRead MoreCharacteristics Of An Effective Counselor1340 Words   |  6 Pagesanalysis was applied to the above five characteristics with the hope of creating a more thorough understanding of what characteristics will assist in the journey of becoming an effective counselor. â€Æ' Characteristics of an Effective Counselor Counseling is an age old profession. A counselor is â€Å"someone who is able to connect with their clients and assist them in resolving their issues, make choices, and implement alterations outlook and behavior that they desire in their life† (Counselor, 2015)

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