Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Ethics Project Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics Project - Case Study Example This is because the company might not be able to establish the efficacy of the other levels of the client’s security system that were done by another or other computer network security companies (George 45). The risk aversion principle supports my recommendation because the event of liability for a security breach would tarnish the reputation of the company making it lose the trust of its many clients when it would easily borne the loss of one potential client. When declining to grant the client’s request, the CEO would need to provide the client with sufficient information on all potential risks involved for both the company and the client. This would comply with the guiding principle of the Association of Information Technology Professionals’ ideal of upholding honesty. Finally, my recommendation to decline the client’s request would be to benefit the many clients of the company by reassuring them of the company’s accountability. Based on the utilitarian principle, it would be better for the company to lose this potential client and safeguard the trust of its many clients (George 45). Snapchat’s actions were not ethical because they would have caused serious damages to its subscribers. As such, the first specific action that Snapchat should have taken would have been to verify whether the security vulnerability was genuine or not in order to be sure of the plan of action. Another specific action for Snapchat would have been to initiate containment measures based on the extent of the vulnerability or the accrued damages in order to attend to its corporate duty of taking care of its clients. The final action would have been to notify its clients about the security vulnerability and reassure them that it has contained it in order to demonstrate its accountability to its clients (Perlroth & Wortham p8). The actions of

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